Welcome to Reach The Lost! 


We are a charity, a non profit organisation. Our concern is to serve the human being lost in their hopelessness, sufferings and their striving for inner peace and a fulfilled life.

RTL takes responsibility at this challenging time in human history. We live and work to bring in a practical and tangible way love, peace and hope to those people that have the biggest need of it. 

We care for those that are rejected, lost in their hopeless conditions and sufferings and to give a voice to those that are not heared. We listen to their life stories and value them as human beings. 


In a constant moving world of conflicts we want to be a partner and a friend to those who do not know what to do and where to go.  We work with refugees all over the world. We advise, accompany and provide counseling all within the legal requirements.

We connect and partner with a wide sprectrum of organisations to aim for the best soluions for Refugees and Migrants. Major part of our effords is dedicated to these people. We try to reach them at their point in life and be a companion to bring solutions to their sufferings and problems. 


RTL provides integration into culture and sociey through various local projects. We focus on longlasting  relationships by being a friend on their path of life.

There is no place as home – we aim for solutions in their home countries, to prevent that anybody has to leave because of sufferings and hopelessness.

Please feel free to contact us for any further information.