Welcome to Reach The Lost!
Our main goal is to fulfill the Great Comission of Jesus Christ!
… because Jesus Christ is worth it!


Our main focus is to make disciples of Jesus Christ and to cause movements through multiplication of disciples and simple churches wherever we go. We know that the spiritual need is the biggest and the most important of all around the world we have to focus on.

God’s love is our motivation. Our concern is to serve the human being, that is so important to God, holistically.

RTL acts and takes responsibility for the region, as well as critical areas and countries. We live and work to bring love and peace and eternal hope to people and generations. 

Mercy-Projects and a christian-mission-based mindset walks hand in hand to fulfill the greater purpose.

Goal is to make disciples amongst all people groups around the world. We absolutely prioritize on reaching the unreached, to reach out to the lost, to reach every place – near and far away. Regardless of our love for every person, we do focus on the ones that never had a chance.

We believe it is our responsability as followers of Jesus to go and make disciples amongst all these people groups where the Good News of Jesus Christ is least known or sometimes even absolutely not known. There is a special burden on our hearts, given by God, for the muslim people and nations.

RTL works as a catalyst to cause and effect the process of Disciple-Making-Movements. Even as the process of disciple making and church planting can look very different at each area – the principles stay always the same. Beeing a follower of Jesus Christ and beeing obedient to him is absolute core of everything.

We believe, We love, We obey!


As a christian non profit organization our heart is to help people in all their needs. This means that we want to support the needy and the poor through direct help and through Mercy-Projects so that by these they can not just experience relief but be sustained continually without depending on us. For example a plantation or a shop through which they can sustain themselves and also others.

We serve people to demonstrate God`s Love and Goodness through our lives and organisation. We believe it is time to act and to give our own lives for the benefit of others.

One of our goals is to equip the body of Christ through training-events so that everyone may be an effectiv disciple-maker and can be a true light in this dark world. 
Training others so that they can do the same is key. 

We from RTL do not consider this as a work but as a passion and a inner cry given by God`s Love to act and bring change.

Obeying Jesus means that every Christian should be a follower of Jesus and be a disciple-maker that makes disciple-makers (Mat 28,18-20; 2 Tim 2,2)

Please feel free to contact us for any information, help or training.


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