What is a Disciple Making Movement?

Disciple-making-movement is RTL’s primary goal and strategy to reach the lost in the whole world. We have to understand that the assignment is far to big to fulfill it by ourselves. We need to multiply!  It is built on the example of Jesus in the Gospels. We walk in genuine love and compassion, we share & demonstrate Kingdom of God and we invite people to lay down their live to follow Christ as his disciple.
We walk side by side with the new disciples, we train, we teach and equip them to do the same with others. Through that, new fellowships are created and together they are walking out to be obedient to everything that Jesus Christ commanded us to do.

We read God’s Word, obey, and share it with others. Then we invite, encourage, and train them to do the same. That is the discipleship process. Every disciple is praying and searching for ways to impact his inviroment with the Kingdom of God – peace, love and righteousness.

Following Christ’s instructions in Matthew 10, we go where He has already made a way, pursuing only those conversations where the person is truly interested. Depending on the area where we go, we present the gospel more publicly or more in private. Depending on the situation and the place, we reach out in a community through different „mercy-acts“ and demonstrate the Good News of Jesus Christ. We rely on the Holy Spirit to bring us to the “person of peace” in each area – one who is open, who is welcoming, who can influence others.

If such a person cannot be found in a given community, we move on — the implication is that the Holy Spirit has not yet prepared those hearts: “If anyone will not welcome you or listen to your words, leave that home or town and shake the dust off your feet.” (Matthew 10:14). This strategy avoids a needless waste of time and resources, and follows a clearly laid out biblical model.

All begins with a disciple that goes to obey Christ.

  This short video illustrates the process.

We at RTL understand that discipleship is absolutely based on relationship. Our discipleship process is based on the natural life. We understand that every person is different and has different needs. We apply different principles and try to stay adaptable to the different conditions and cultures. We rely on the Holy Spirit to work efficiently. 

Our goal is to guide people in complete dependency on God and complete obedience to Jesus Christ.

We believe, We love, We obey! 

Simplicity is Goal!