More and more opportunities are opening for us in Europe to reach the Unreached People Groups as they are coming to us.

Europe is known for its welth and not for its poverty. We realize that the biggest need in Europe is the spiritual. We consider the needs of the european people and are also working with them and amongst them, making disciples. 

Despite of all that, we use the opportunities of the huge amount of foreign people that live in Europe and in addition the refugees that are coming to these countries. We work among the refugees and are able to see a huge openness toward the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Please pray for open hearts and acceptance for the Gospel of Jesus so that they may experience real peace & life. 

We believe that many of them are sharing the Good News of Jesus to their friends and families in their own countries. 

Pray that the people of Europe, native & foreign may understand the worth of Jesus Christ and decide to completely surrender and follow him whatever it may cost!