Manifesting the heart 
of God to this world

"Mercy Catalyst" is a charitable ministry of RTL. We serve and support the lost people in a practical and loving way. Mercy Catalyst is flexible, innovative and not limited in finding ways to help.

Refugees & Migrants

We from RTL have a great focus on refugees & migrants. Part of our work is to meet the needs of these people and to manifest God`s love and mercy to them in all different kind of ways. 

Part of our work is to rescue lifes out of extrem danger and hopeless circumstances.  


We are experiencing a huge openness toward the gospel among the refugees and migrants. The large influx of migrants to Europe represents a huge opportunity to show christian love.


Through „MERCY CATALYST“ we are able to provide support to these people after their arrival in our countries. Whether through clothing, cell phones, phone cards, food, or other financial help, we can show that God and we (his children) care for them.

Labourers & Key Persons in gods harvest

 Our heart is to support and set free workers and strategic Key Persons that are labouring amongst unreached people groups. 


„MERCY CATALYST“ especially supports persons and services who are dedicated to the task of God and who work for his kingdom. We want to promote, support and release strategically important key individuals so that they can bring more fruit full time.


It is a great concern of our hearts to accompany and support in the best possible way persons who work in dangerous areas which are difficult for us to access. Through „MERCY CATALYST“ we are able to move more together.

The Needy & the poor

When working among unreached people, the greatest need can be found. These groups are often the poorest. Together we can face the affliction and provide relief. At the same time, we also live God’s love, which is totally unexpected and incomprehensible to many people of other cultures.

„MERCY CATALYST“ creates projects that help people to help themselves. The goal is to meet the need in the short term and to create change in the long term.

Our network of relationships guarantees that support reaches its destiny, and gets directly to the people that are in need.

Our commitment is coordinated with the involvement of other organizations.