Pray for us


We need your support!

In the world at every moment someone is dying and has never heared about the „Good News“ of Jesus Christ. We think this is not acceptable! Suffering, persecution and hopelessness is all around in the world. Together we can reach the lost! 

Please  help us pray for the following:

  • Please pray for disciple-making-movements and for all the people lost in their misery.
  • Pray for the Unreached & Unengaged People Groups worldwide
  • That the Lord of the Harvest sends out laborers into his harvest (Mattthew 9,37-38 / Luke 10,2)
  • For boldness in the body of Christ – so that when we open our mouth, we proclaim with boldness the Gospel (Ephesians 6,18-19 / Acts 4,29-31)
  • that the Gospel of Jesus Christ reaches all the Unreached & Unengaged People Groups in the world. (Matthew 28,18-20)
  • Pray for open doors and open hearts for the Gospel anywhere we go
  • Pray for guidence of the Holy Spirit for the whole work we are doing
  • Protection for us & our brothers worldwide in dangerous areas and grace to stand firm in the middle of all oposition and persecution
  • Pray for finances : 
    -support of the needy 
    -finances for our projects at different places 
    -transportation and travel
    -means of subsistence for our workers