RTL Meeting Muslims 


RTL Guidebook 
How to reach out to Muslims?

Available PDF in English and German.

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RTL Training 
Basics – Manual


Re-Training to be a disciple
Advanced training for disciples

Available PDF in Spanish and German
Please contact us for a free Manual

Multiplication concepts


Curtis Sergeant from „ObeyGC2“

This is a short & compact teaching session about multiplication

Recommended Links

GCM exists to transform Muslims worldwide through Jesus Christ

Life Share Network ist ein christlicher Dienst. Er sieht seine Aufgabe darin den Gemeindebau unter den Nationen zu fördern und die Armen und Bedürftigen durch humanitäre Hilfsprojekte zu erreichen.

Center for Islamic Research and Awareness

Very good background information about Islam from a disciple perspective.

FAI Missions


Frontier Alliance International