Training & Equipping

Giving you the tools you need to fulfill what you had been called to! 

As long as people do not know what to do and how to do something, it is very likely that they will not do it at all! 

In our events we envision you and impart the passion about discipleship. We train & equip you for the work that has to be done. 

RTL is working to build up the Kingdom at any place we go – getting people out of darkness into the light and helping them to walk in their new life according to their identity!
Coaching and training them to be disciple-makers and how to help others to experience the same.

We see it as part of our work and responsibility to train & equip you so that you can go and do the same with others.

Generally there are certain areas we deal with in our trainings:

– Knowing God
– Knowing your identity
– Knowing what to do and how to do
– Discipleship Multiplication

We want to serve you to be more effective to accomplish the great task.

RTL training can be hold for groups, organisations, churches or individuals. 

If you have any questions or would like to know more about our training, please feel free to contact us!